10 Tips on How to Promote Your Product Online

If you want to know how to promote your product online, read on. Partner affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways how to make money with the help of your own website. They mostly use the so called CPA system (cost per action).

This means that every time you recommend a product to someone and they then buy it, you get rewarded. Let´s have a look at 10 tips on how to promote your product online or someone else’s  products and earn money on it.

Before you start preparing any strategy, analyze the advertised product or service properly. Know its strengths and weaknesses and think about who the product is intended for and who could buy it.

10 Tips on How to Promote Your Product Online

1. Write a product review

Would you rather believe what the company says about their product or the person who tried it? People pay attention to user reviews more and more. They are interested in opinions of those who have already tried the product. When you create a review and faithfully describe the strengths and weaknesses of the product, it can help you convince many potential buyers.

2. Make a comparison

Write an article, which compares the selected product with a similar product. Emphasize its advantages and disadvantages and show your readers why the product that you promote is better than all the others.

3. Create a landing page (microsite)

To promote a product or service, create a special page (it’s called a microsite), which will contain all the necessary information. Then you can send your readers to this page, whether through a link about this product in an article or in a newsletter. On the page they will find all necessary information, including a button that will let them immediately buy the product.

4. Create a video on YouTube

Create a video in which you will introduce the product and explain to people why they need it and how useful it is in everyday life. A video is more personal and more motivating than text. Be inspired by the video of Mr. Jaroslav Kovar, who promotes Webnode.

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5. Promote the product in forums

Forums are read by many people. Take advantage of it. Spread the news about your product in those forums that have something in common with it. For example, if you use the Webnode affiliate program, forums about making websites, blogging, business and technology will be useful.

6. Promote the brand on social networks

Create a Facebook page or group, and invite the people who you think would be interested in the product. On Twitter, follow potential buyers and provide them with important information about the product. You can even use Pinterest, a social network based on sharing files and photos.

7. Create an e-book for free

A freely available e-book about the product will silence all doubts that potential buyers might have. You can get inspired by a book created by Mr. Celso Lemes from Portugal to promote Webnode.

8. Send newsletters

Create a form on your site, with the help of which you will collect e-mails from your readers, and regularly send them updates about the products you promote. In these newsletters, add a quick link to a product website that you had created earlier.

9. Use banners

A banner easily gets the reader’s attention, but that attention also quickly disappears. Therefore you should not base your promotional strategy just on them. Use also the other ways mentioned in this article. Banners will have the desired effect when you use them in the right places – for example in the header on your home page, or just after the article about your product.

10. Do not be discouraged

Product promotion is not always easy and it can take a long time to get the trust of potential customers. It is important not to lose courage and give up. Work on promoting regularly and the results will come!

And what strategies do you use to promote your products? Send us your opinions in the comments below this article. Everyone is eager to learn any new tips on how to promote your product online.

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