Welcome to Online Marketing for Women. As a now mom of two I realized 3 years ago that if I wanted to stay on maternity leave as long as possible and have a comfortable standard of living – 3 years in my country – I needed to find another means of support on top of the maternity benefit.

My original job before going on maternity leave was to teach English as foreign language and German at a secondary grammar school. I most certainly did not want to do anything even smelling of teaching so I restarted a passion of mine for translation and videogames.

Yep, I became a video games translator also specializing in business and marketing translation. That proved a good move and it now helps fund my other money earning hobby/passion – online marketing aka affiliate and video marketing combined.

My part-time translation business took about a year to really start bringing in the kind of money I needed and then I stumbled across my first IM product by chance.

IM means internet marketing and for me it was a whole new world. It intrigued me. Imagine, I would make a silly little video and it would earn me cash. Lol. Sounds easy, right? It kind of is easy but it is a never ending journey of learning how to do things.

And… the competition is great. And… nobody tells you that. You usually find out the hard way after spending a ton of cash and earning hardly anything. If you are lucky, you will not get ripped of.

Therefore I invite you, a fellow woman online entrepreneur, to learn how to earn with me. Let´s go on this journey together and I will tell you what to expect and what pitfalls to avoid. You see, I have been lucky for a long time but in the end I got burnt, too, and by a person I totally did not expect it from.

To us! We can and will make it!

Blanka đŸ™‚