How to Find a Real Business Opportunity?

If you are asking yourself how to find a real business opportunity, and I am talking about new business opps here, the most basic determination is not too diffucult. In fact, there are 2 types of new business opportunities.

Scenario 1

I do not have enough information about it.

This may be a situation where someone produces a new product or service and wants to prevent others from copying it before putting it on the market. In this case answering the following two questions will help.

  1. Has the person starting the business a clean reputation?
  2. Do they want a deposit?

If the answers to question 2 is positive, I’m usually not into that immediately. I could fall for a Ponzi scheme. If the answer is negative, however, it reduces the risk.

In some cases, it is OK to ask for a deposit because even a legitimate business can and does have startup costs. The due deligence, however, lies upon you.

Scenario 2

It is basically the same as scenario 1. The difference lies in how you answer to question 2. If no deposit/fee/whatever is needed, it is not a Ponzi scheme, a scam.Usually!

Scammers are resourceful and can ask for money later. Again, do your due diligence and you cannot go wrong. And that´s it. Now you know how to find a real business opportunity. Or if you do not, you are at least close.

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