Clesign Cares About the Environment


Charlotte, founder of CLESIGN

Charlotte´s parents followed her grandfather into his business in 1953 to solve a problem for planting fruit and trees buyers around the world.

Together they have planted over a million trees and fruits in their garden in Pingtung, Taiwan, and all of them pesticide-free.

Charlotte, you have a family business, what prompted you to join it and not choose a different career? Because I love nature and support sustainability. Environmental sustainability involves making decisions and taking action that is in the interests of protecting the natural world.

However, I took over after the change of the old-fashioned, made the feedback of natural products about the sports products, organic food, daily necessities, so that everyone can use to environmental protection and non-toxic products, and contribute to the cause of nature!

Where do you find inspiration, except for your grandparents´ garden? I’ve been working in the ECO product field for about 8 years, so I’ve spent quite a few hours on different ECO products. One of them attended a yoga class, as well, and my personal practice veers towards slow, sweaty and athletic.

Below, an overview of my knowledge on yoga mats, many yoga classrooms use toxic yoga mats that are prone to bad. However, I took over the family business and started to develop environmentally friendly products that are close to the body.

You said, your parents followed your grandfather into the business to solve a problem. Can you explain a little bit more? What problem was it? When applied to the consumer, conscience refers to the way that people recognise which products are the most ethical choice when provided with a range of options. It is important that businesses understand the influence consumer conscience has on buying behavior.

clesign yoga mats

Environmentally sustainable businesses may also have a competitive edge when it comes to attracting customers and investors. Modern consumers are aware of social and environmental issues and keep themselves informed about which businesses are acting responsibly in the community. We are equally aware of these issues and there is a trend developing towards investing in environmentally sustainable companies.

Are you a yoga practitioner? If yes, does it have any benefits for your business – the fact that you practice yoga? Yes, I do yoga, The truth is, it doesn’t matter how tight your muscles are as yoga asanas work by safely stretching your muscles and help you to practice it further.

And how to choose the best yoga mat? The people who practice other styles of yoga may have entirely different needs. I spent 5 years researching, re-designing, and re- developing to create the CLESIGN Yoga, I Developed 3 kinds of the environmental protection sections for the professional yogi, and children’s yoga.

What are you most proud of as a business woman? I am very proud of my business operation using the [平行轉移,向上提升,互為代理,共同股東,共享與共响] meaning is the resources to share. You will get the best product and will also reward the earth.

Charlotte, where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years? Family business philanthropy plays a vital role in alleviating social and environmental problems around the world. Think about the resources used here. We chop down trees and melt plastic pellets to make single-use cups that are non-recyclable. We simply cannot afford this convenience at the expense of our planet.

Thank you for a great interview.

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