Denise Turned Her Passion Into Business

Meet Denise from MyLuxury1st®.

Meet Denise from MyLuxury1st®.

Denise from MyLuxury1st® is an online entrepreneur who manufactures custom human hair extensions. She is also a vendor and distributor of pigment samples for soap, candle, and cosmetic making and was the first entrepreneur online to sell samples in 1g increments.

Denise, you chose an interesting niche to work in. What prompted you to choose it? I chose this niche because it was something I was already doing for myself; so I figured I could help others by providing these items to them, too.

Your Etsy shop is quite popular. Was it difficult to master the Etsy platform? There are thousand of sellers. For my Etsy shop; I just make and list whatever it is that I am researching or using myself at the time; or sometimes a custom order or two. I don’t really worry about what it is that others are doing. I try to create and stay in my own lane.

What was/is the most difficult moment of your career? The most difficult moment of my career is having people piggyback or copy my hard work and play it off as their own. That’s plagiarism and something that I feel only 0004img_16273012212214olazy people combat to. It is hard to come up with niche ideas and then have them ripped off by anyone who doesn’t give credit where credit is due; but I have learned to just stay innovative and I continue to be blessed.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who would like to start in your niche? My advice for entrepreneurs who would like to start in my niche would be to find something that they love doing for themselves and offer it to other people. There are others out there like you looking for the same things that you are interested in.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? 5 years from now I see myself as a more defined and more confident business woman. I would like to encourage other women to work for themselves and to be more confident within themselves as well. I would like to possibly be a mentor or someone who can help other women do more for themselves from their home office.

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