Fidella Fly Tai Mei Tai Carrier Outer Space Neptune Unboxing

Sticky gloooo… or Fidella Fly Tai  Mei Tai Carrier Outer Space Neptune Unboxing

If you are a mom with a little one and work from home, life can get tough when they come to the age where they start fearing separation. They cling to you like glue, want to be carried at all times and you can do… zilch :-D.

I have already gone through that phase of life once and now it is happening the second time. However, three years ago I was prepared. I bought a babywearing sling, a Zara Ellevill Black, and a Manduca. It was a bit difficult to learn how to tie the sling but it paid off because my now 4 year old loved it. He loved being carried in the Manduca, too lol.

Suddenly I was able to do some cleaning and cooking and I could go places unavailable to a pram, like our local post office with an awful staircase. Oh, and I even managed to work on my translation projects for bits of time – that one was a little more complicated because I had to front carry at that time and my hands just started hurting after a while of being stretched over the baby and keyboard. For basic typing and emailing it was great though :-).

Symptoms are here again…

When my younger son started displaying the separation thing symptoms I was thinking how stupid it was of me to have sold my carrying equipment. That was 3 weeks ago and after some quick research I decided for a mei tai type of babywearing carrier.

Originally I wanted a Diva Essenza Mei Tai from Diva Milano but I am in a babywearing group on Facebok and based on their recomendations I decided for my Fidella. The Diva Mei Tai is great, too, but my kiddo is bigger and that was what sold me together with lots of moms from that group saying how comfy the Fidella was. The delivery was lighting fast new-size-fly-tai-baby-carrier-rock-n-rolla-vintage~2– ordered on Thursday, paid by wire transfer, shipped on Friday and got it by a courrier on Monday. And the shipping is free worldwide! (if you order straight from them that is) – another nice thing.

Still wondering? Check out my unboxing vid below. They have lovely designs and patterns and I got myself the Outer Space Neptune one. Oh, and it is comfy to wear!

I will post some pics, too, but right now the whole family is down with a bug.. so no carrying.

My Fidella Fly Tai  Mei Tai Carrier Outer Space Neptune Unboxing

As promised here is the first picture of our going out in our new best mai tai carrier Fidella Fly Tai Outer Space Neptune :-). Not the best of pics but I had to take it myself since my 4 year old´s pictures are always and all blurred.

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