Have You Ever Met a Real Digital Nomad?

Reto Stoffel is a digital nomad, and online. He runs several online shops in Switzerland and works as a consultant coach. He also loves to help others be successful in this new age of location independent work.

Reto Stoffel is a digital nomad, and online entrepreneur. He runs several online shops in Switzerland and works as a consultant coach. He also loves to help others be successful in this new age of location independent work.

Reto, how does one become a digital nomad? I think there is no how, it isn´t a job or a profession, it is a lifestyle. I love to travel, I can’t stay in a place for too long so I need to move and be able to move. At the same  time, of course, I need to make money while moving around the globe.

What advantages and disadvantages does the life of a digital nomad bring? Well, it´s great to meet new people and explore new places, learn about new cultures and change the climate.

There is the other side, however, that sometimes you do want to socialise more, want a bit of family or familiar enviroment, which has become easier during the last few years for all digital nomads, but it´s still an issue.

IMG_0284I have my small family with me, so every time we move, we need to “restart our social engines” as we say! That can take time and sometimes can be really frustrating, simply because wherever you go you are the new one. People do not know you.

In some places it´s possible to make friends quite quickly and in others it is almost impossible. I haven’t found a pattern so far though to say: “Hey, here it´s easy and there it isn´t.”

How did you become a consultant coach? I simply decided that people should be able to do the same that I do. It was not a business decision, it was simply the wanting of giving others this unbelievable point of view of life.IMG_0583

The travel, the freedom, the living of your own decisions and consequences without needing to report to a boss and live the constant threat of delivering or being sacked.

People nowadays have lost this perspective, most of us do not believe anymore that it is possible to make money outside the 9-5 world. Of course it is difficult, there are many moments when I think: “Oh no! What am I gonna do if…”. But that is exactly what we need in order to wake up and become creative. This thought pushes us to use our abilities to a totally new level.

330741_10150278108356799_492594_oIs it not difficult to find clients? There are so many coaches nowadays. Yes, it is. If you search for clients or try to get clients by advertising I imagine that needs a lot of money and time. Since it is not my first business, I don’t have that pressure and I can chose my clients by coincidental meet ups in chats, forums or simply by a YouTube comment that gets some follow up.

I prefer that there is no business model backing that conversation. Let´s look at it like this: Our School system is mostly built on the same mistake. We are all individuals and we can’t be reached and supported the same way. As individuals we have to develop and be able to use our completely individual skills.

I know that you own several online shop. How did you choose what to IMG_5832sell? First I started to sell what I love. That was a simple decision of passion. Later on after understanding the dynamics, I entered markets I was not so familiar with but that were more profitable. Today I still believe that passion is the main key to success. Either it is the passion for an item or the passion to simply sell.

What advice would you have for someone wishing to live and work like you and become a digital nomad, too? Get out! Take yourself by the hand and go out to see the world. It can be just by taking a train, moving away from where you grew up, leaving your 10 year long job, risk, enjoy, worry and live.

That´s the main thing. Live life to the fullest because staying in the comfort zone will become a trap sooner or later. The adventure is where we grow, it´s where we shine, it´s where our individuality pushes us to new grounds.

Thank you for a lovely interview!

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  1. Coromoto Garcia says:

    Lovely interview…Life is really an adventure , a super wonderful one !!

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