Making Money with Mobile Games (Part 2)

Sales Copy and Order Process

OK, it´s 11:17 pm and I am back to review the sales copy and order process of my new making money with mobile games opportunity – the Game Loot Network. This post will probably be quite short as there is not much to say. Now, off to the task.

how to make money from your iphoneMaking Money with Mobile Games? Oh yeah!

Game Loot Network – Sales Page

  • Load time – great, there are many images but it still loaded very fast.
  • Video – no video at all. It is different from the usual internet marketing products.
  • Hype – NO hype, in my opinion. All about mobile gaming, their offer for gamers and prospective entrepreneurs.
  • Clarity – You are immediately told what the site offers/promotes. Nothing is hidden and as a customer you get a quick overview of all the features and the opportunity to click for more info. I liked that as I prefer to know exactly what I am getting if I decide to buy something.
  • Overuse of stale phrases like “on steroids” – none found because again, this project is not the typical internet marketing thing.
  • Professionalism – very clean theme, paralax feature, does the job beautifully.
  • Screen shots of ClickBank checks, PayPal payments etc. – non existent and they would not fit in with the offer. It would look downright strange :-).

Summed up, the sales page of the Game Loot Network making money with mobile games opportunity is clean and straightforward. You do not need to scroll endlessly or try to find out what the heck this is about.

Game Loot Network – Order Process

make money using smartphoneVery straightforward and fast. After filling in the required info you pay by card. They do not offer PayPal payments but that is not such a problem. After the registration you immediately get a confirmation email, at least I did, and you can set up your payment wallet.

This is good for the business part of the opportunity because you will get your money sent to a payment card. You need to order it and will get it within 14 days.

OK, it is after midnight again and I need to hit the hay. I dug around and came across an official explainer video, too, so if you want, watch it below.

Also, in the next part of this review I will start to implement what I found out about this business. And I will play a couple of the games they have on offer. I want to see if they are any good, right?

Interested in hearing more? Then check out the opportunity call through the link at the top of this post.  Now off to bed :-). I cannot type anymore, my eyes are closing and zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz.

Good night and sleep tight :-D!

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