Making Money with Mobile Games (1)

make money playing mobile gamesMaking money with mobile games is not a totally novel concept. So when I came across the Gameloot system I decided to try it out. Hence this review. The initial investment was $125 and I fully intend to get it back. So, let´s get started.

I have not heard of the people behind the project before but it does seem viable. The gaming business is booming and I like to play a game from time to time, too.

As always, I am including my affiliate link to the business project, however, I am not yet endorsing it. That will remain for the last part of my review to be seen.

Making money with mobile games is calling :-).

As I mentioned before, the initial investment was $125 but only because I decided to become a game ambassador and delve into the business part of the project.

There are 3 levels that you can join under: free gamer, premium gamer and game ambassador. The free gamer members get to play mobile games and have fun for free. You download the games from Google Play or Apple store, depending on the type of phone you are using.

how to make money from my mobile phoneThe premium gamer is a monthly paid membership. For $10 you get to do various things like playing with other players, tournaments for prizes etc.

make money from mobile gamesAnd then there is the game ambassador level. It is also paid and costs $125 a month, although the monthly charge can be avoided. This level gives you everything that a premium gamer has and on top of that you can build your own business, which is my reason for choosing it.

If you are interested in  making money with mobile games, then explore this project with me. Do not forget, however, that this is a business like any other and you will need to put in the work :-). And then you can play.

how to make money from gamingOK. It is past midnight again and I am tired so I will only post pics of 2 of the games on offer and will continue with the review tomorrow. There are more obviously but… good night and sleep tight!

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