Shinetainment Will Not Only Shine Your Shoes, They Will Get You Leads!

I absolutely love your business idea. How did you come by it? I was introduced to the shoe shining industry as a young woman. I had lots of creative ideas that kept me up at night, so years later I decided to start my own business so I could do it my way and make my ideas come to life!

I wanted to add a little pizzazz to the event marketing & lead generation world. I wanted to give exhibitors, meeting planners and event planners a unique corporate entertainment marketing solution with a twist. So then…Shinetainment was born.

Was it difficult to establish yourself? As with anything, everything takes time. You have to pace yourself so you have room to learn and grow and get better.

I’ve never had unrealistic expectations with starting a new business. I just always put my best foot forward and make sure my clients are happy.

We have been taking our time to build relationships with our clients over the years and as a result we have established credibility. We have built our company slowly over the years and still do it with a shoe shine brush and a smile.

The idea of connecting marketing and leads with shoe shining is very fresh. Whose idea was it? Marketing & Collecting leads at events is something I can never take credit for because everyone has to do it. I just love to help businesses accomplish their goals and I found a way to make it fun for my clients and help them get a return on their investment at the same time!

Exhibiting at an event, convention or tradeshow is a big investment to exhibit a convention, trade show or event an its important for me to show my respect for them and help them get a return on their investment and have a captive audience and get quality interactive leads.

What is the most problematic part of your business? Meeting & Event planners don’t we are available to help them accomplish their goals. We want the world to know that we are not just a “shoe shine service” we are a lead generation and branding visibility service.

We help draw attention to your company, services or products so you can have a captive audience to build a relationship whether its business 2 Business,  business to consumer, or person to person.

We are here to help you accomplish you goal. Consider us an extension of your sales and marketing team we are your sales opener. We warm up your guests to hear your message so it easier for you to pitch and sale your products and services. Our main goal is to help you accomplish your event goals whether it’s just getting some attention on you brand or collecting leads we want you to have a successful event!

Where do you see your business in 5 years? We have lots of plans! We want to build more relationships with more brands, help more business, and offer more services to help our clients. We also plan to expand, grow and offer more for our clients and the community.




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