Single Girl´s Handbook Review, a Patti Stanger Book

What the heck is a Patti Stanger book?

Well a Patti Stanger book is a book written by her lol. I am sure I do not need to tell you who Patti Stanger is. If you are not sure, google her.

If you cannot be bothered to google her, then I will tell you :-). She is the host of a popular TV show called Millionaire Matchmaker where she throws rich men together with a couple of ladies to help them find a soul mate. At least that was the case when I used to watch it.

The show was fun. Sometimes downright hilarious but some of her dating advice was sound and I guess that is why she was quite successful with her matchmaking efforts.
How to attract men

Her book, the Single Girl´s Handbook, has been around for quite some time. Below you will find a quick overview of the main points that it covers. Have fun reading it if you decide to get it!

The Single Girl´s Handbook covers:

  • The 5-second flirt (I loved this part)
  • 4 Reasons Why a Man Doesn’t Respond to Your Flirt
  • When to Hit the Whole Foods Market for the Hot Men
  • 5 Good Examples of How to Flirt in the Supermarket
  • What To Do When a Guy Speaks in One-Syllable Spurts
  • Why Your Phone is Your Worst Enemy
  • The One Thing That Trumps How You Look
  • Why You might want to Date 3 People at the Same Time
  • What the “Wooing Cycle” Is and Why It’s Important Not to Break It
  • Why You Should Keep All This a Secret for 90 Days
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