What Does a Sonic Shaman Do?


Hank, has been a healer since 2008 with his company Holistic Health and Healing. He specializes as the Sonic Shaman.

Hank, what made you choose your new career as a sonic shaman instead of continuing a career in banking, after your original work place closed down? What was your motivation? I had already started a part time healing business offering Reiki out of a few local shops. The day that Bank of America announced the closure of the site was the same day that someone messaged me that there was an open office to rent out of a Holistic Wellness center. I took that as a message from spirit that I was to focus on doing healing work full time.

You say you lost your own voice as a shaman. Can you explain a little what that means? And also, what is an expo? When I first started my business I felt very called to having my logo incorporate 3 H’s. The original company name was Higher Healing by Hank which I changed in 2012 when I did holistic_health___healing_ver101my first Expo which featured over 25,000 square feet of holistic practitioners.

HHH became about community. My site features a free business directory, community calener and even a community blog where anyone can post articles. I became one listing out of hundreds on my own site.

During the last year I apprenticed the Paco Kuna tradition of the Q’ero people of Peru. I blend the shamanism with vibrational healing (mainly crystal bowls and tuning forks).

One day while driving my children to day care a red tail hawk swooped down and came so close to my car that I had to slam on the breaks to not hit it. It was at this moment I had the inspiration to separate my healing practice from HHH and started my new site as the Sonic Shaman.

final_design_chosenHow do you work? Typically I open up a session with a ceremony. Calling in the various types of energy. Pachamama (mother earth), Mama Cocha (Mother Ocean), Wira (the wind), Inti (the sun), and others. This particular type of shamanism is all about transmuting the heavy energy within someone and redistributing the living energy throughout existence.

What can I expect when I book a session with you? First I would tell a client to come in with no expectations. I never claim to heal anyone. I believe someone brings their own healing with them and I am merely the witness of the experience.

Using the combination of ceremony and sound I create an environment that my client is able to let go of ego and sit with their true self. I believe that it is moments of this congruency where the blue print of health is re-imprinted upon their being and the healing happens.

Every session can vary. I fallow my intuition to create the best combination of things to allow the person to heal. One time, for example, on my way to a session I saw this rose bush that seemed to call to me.


I stopped and picked a rose and took it with me to my office. During one of my sessions it suddenly caught my attention again. I plucked a petal and placed it on my clients’ heart, and then continued the session.

At the end of the session she noticed the petal and immediately started to cry. I did not know it, but she had recently lost her husband and was grieving. She had asked for a sign of a rose from him to let her know he was okay. I suppose you have to expect the unexpected.

What was, in your opinion, your biggest achievement and where do you see yourself in 5 years? My biggest achievement is the Expo. It started from a casual question between me and a local shop owner. “If we were going to put on an expo, where would we do it?”

We made a few phone calls, found a venue and put on the first expo with less than 6 months of planning. Our first year we had about 1000 patrons come through the doors. Now in our 5th year we have more than doubled in size and had over 1,500 people come through.


The expo helped to establish community and a place online where the holistic practitioners can be found, can get the word out about their events and have an outlet for their creatively in our blog.

Over the next 5 years I am going to focus on building my personal practice and growing the HHH community to offer workshops and other events throughout the year in addition to the expo. We also are building the infrastructure in other areas in order to eventually have expos and events in other cities.

Thank you for a great interview.

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